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Thoughts for hiring a contractor to install an automatic gate.

The decision to purchase and install an automatic gate and the access control devices associated with it should not be entered into lightly.  
A gate system is a long term investment and you often get what you pay for.
A poor quality gate system or a improperly installed gate system, may not be dependable and may require frequent service or repairs.

Verify that you are comparing

apples to apples

When comparing contractors quotes to install a gate system, verify that the system is being installing per the ASTM and UL Standards.  The system being purchased by the contractor will likely meet those standards, but that is only 1/2 the story.  The system must also be installed per those standards or they will not be met.

Safety and Liability Concerns

The American Society for Testing and Materials and  Underwriters' Laboratories have established standards for automated gate systems.  These standards were established for the safety of the public which is interacting with automated gate systems.  An educated gate installation/service company should be aware of these standards and follow them a closely as possible.
Many companies that install automated gates are not aware of these standards or do not follow them.  Failing to follow these standards, increases the likely hood that someone could be injured by the gate, therefore, increasing the gate owners liability risk.
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