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Who we are and what we do

                 Calvin Access Controls, Inc. (CAC) was founded in 1992 by Tim and Renee Calvin.  CAC is family-owned and operated.  We take pride in providing personalized customer service as an intricate part of our daily operations.
                 CAC provides sales, installation, and maintenance services for automatic gates and access controls. CAC has experience with Automatic Gate Systems in many settings: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Gated Communities, and Self Storage, just to name a few.  CAC has a system that will meet your needs, whether you are a homeowner looking for a simple “Do-It-Yourself” automatic gate kit, or a Self Storage facility looking for an integrated door alarm system.
                 CAC has the unique ability of providing clients with a complete entrance system (automatic gate and access controls).  CAC rarely utilizes subcontractors.  We perform all facets of the work necessary to install automatic gates and access controls:  purchasing a custom built gate from local fabricators, running conduit, pouring concrete, electronic wiring, testing the system, and training the client. 
                 Each system CAC installs is custom designed to meet the clients needs.  Most sales begin with a detailed consultation with the customer to determine how they would like their system to function.  We then design a system to meet those goals.  Tim likes to be involved with the process of entrance design.  His many years of experience in the automatic gate industry can help clients install entrances that provide smooth traffic flow and reduce the chance of gate damage.
                 CAC believes in selling well-tested, often personally-tested, dependable equipment.  If repairs are necessary, CAC continues to support our clients after the sale with a complete service department.  We stock most parts for the equipment we sell, can do on-site welding, and strive to make most repairs in one service call.

Thank you for your interest in Calvin Access Controls, Inc.  We hope to help you with all your gate and access control needs.

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